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How Dental Implants Boost Your Confidence in 5 Ways

February 8, 2019

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When your teeth are missing, it doesn’t only affect your ability to smile. It can also affect many other aspects of your daily life, including your eating habits and your overall appearance. At first it may not seem like a big deal, but they can add up and negatively influence your confidence and self-esteem.

But just because teeth are lost doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Dental implants offer solutions that restore more than just your smile. Here are five ways dental implants can give you the boost in confidence you’ve been searching for.


2019 New Year’s Resolution: Visit Your Dentist

January 24, 2019

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It’s that time of year again. Time to think about your health and how to improve it. But unlike other health goals that you may or may not succeed with this year, there is one goal that you can definitely accomplish to promote your oral and overall health: attending your dental checkups and cleanings twice a year. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can prevent oral and overall health problems and continue to enjoy your smile for years to come.


New Year, New Set of Benefits with Your Dentist

January 1, 2019

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Are you ready for the new year? Did you make any resolutions? Typically, many people set positive health goals for themselves in the new year, but they often forget about one part of their wellbeing: their oral health. If you have dental insurance, there are some easy ways that you can meet your oral health goals in 2019. Keep reading to discover how you can take advantage of your dental insurance benefits to get the best oral healthcare with your dentist.


A Dentist Gives 5 Tips for Avoiding Emergencies While Traveling

December 1, 2018

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During the holiday season, traveling is almost inevitable. Whether it’s to see family, friends, or to simply get out of town, this time of year is filled with planes, trains, and automobiles. But what happens if you’re on the road and you have a dental emergency? Your dentist may have varied holiday hours, or you may be across the country! Keep reading to learn 5 tips on how to avoid dental emergencies in the first place while traveling.


Dentist Gives Tips on How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

October 9, 2018

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A person holding a sports guard.Dental visits are an important part of maintaining good oral health at a young age, but managing at-home habits is arguably even more important. Most people only need to see the dentist once every six months for a thorough cleaning, which means much of your required maintenance starts at home.

Brushing and flossing daily keeps your child’s teeth free of plaque, which is the direct cause of decay and gum disease. However, how do you protect their smile if they play sports in school or are generally active with their friends? A dentist can answer that today.


Got Sensitive Teeth? A Dental Emergency May Be in Your Future.

September 11, 2018

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A man holding his mouth in pain.When you went to sip a hot cup of coffee, did you pull back in pain because your teeth felt incredibly sensitive? When you ate a spoonful of ice cream, did you wince as it made contact with your teeth? Does a cold breeze make it difficult for you to talk as it blows against your smile? These issues are common for those with sensitive teeth. If you’ve had this problem for a long time, a dental emergency could be in your near future.

To learn what causes this and what you should do next, keep reading!



4 Myths About Dental Implants Clarified by an Implant Dentist

September 4, 2018

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Woman looking in mirror in dentist's chair.Have you ever avoided a medical procedure because of the possible myths surrounding it? Unfortunately, not all myths are true. Some people have avoided receiving dental implants because of misinformation about the procedure. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that get connected to your jawbone when you have missing teeth. They get placed beneath your gums, where they will bond with your bone just like natural roots. After the implant is placed, your dentist will install a custom-made restoration on top. Keep reading to see what your trusted implant dentist has to say about the myths tied to this transformative service and whether there is any truth to them.


There’s a Strong Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Problems

July 28, 2018

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A growing body of evidence suggests that both tooth and gum disease are tied to cardiovascular problems like diabetes, stroke, and congestive heart failure.  This discovery is one more good reason to brush, floss, and see your dentist on a regular basis. By watching out for your oral health, you may be taking better care of the rest of your body as well.


A Dentist Explains the Progressive Stages of Tooth Decay

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woman dental painThe job of a dentist is to treat oral health problems before they become too serious. Accomplishing this task is easier if the patient knows a little about the subject. In this post, we’ll outline the five stages of tooth disease, giving you the knowledge you need to be a more informed patient.


5 Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist and Hygienist

July 10, 2018

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Woman talking to dental hygienistMaybe it is from nervousness, boredom or fatigue, but plenty of people clam up once they climb into the dentist’s chair. However, a dental appointment is about more than just checking your teeth for cavities. Your regular checkup and cleaning is the perfect opportunity to discuss with your dental professionals the best ways to improve your overall oral health and maintain your healthy, vibrant smile.

Here are the 5 most important questions to ask your dental hygienist the next time you walk through the dentist’s office doors.


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