5 Ways to Avoid Dental Emergencies While Traveling for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching, and if you’re like millions of others, you might find yourself traveling this year to see family and friends. Before you begin to load your bags into the car and set out for that 1500 mile drive or better yet, that quicker 3-hour plan ride, let your dentist share 5 ways you can avoid a dental emergency that will take away from spending valuable time with family and friends this year.

Let Your Nails Grow

While the holidays can be stressful, it’s important that you don’t turn to biting your nails as a way to cope. Find other ways to relieve the tension or anxiety you’re experiencing. Nail-biting can cause excessive wear and tear on your teeth and is often linked to chronic jaw pain, teeth grinding, and tooth sensitivity. Try using nail polish to keep you from biting or sugar-free chewing gum instead.

Say “No” to Hard Candies

We know your grandma probably like to keep a bowl of hard candies out for you and your family to enjoy, but this year, say “no thank you.” If grandma isn’t pleased, simply explain that hard candies can result in chipped or cracked teeth that can be painful and result in time spent away from the family to get it fixed. The same can be said for ice, so when tempted with these sweet, bite-sized treats, find another healthier snack to enjoy.

Remember Your Teeth Are Not Tools

When struggling to open that special gift under the tree with your name on it, you might be tempted to just bring it to your mouth and use your teeth to rip it open. Bad idea. Using your teeth as tools can lead to serious dental problems, including chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. This will result in extensive dental work that can become quite costly. From dental crowns to root canals, take the time to find a pair of scissors or another more appropriate tool to open your package.

Chewy Treats Are Not Your Friend

While grandma might accept your reason for not eating hard candies, you might also need to explain while you’ll need to pass on the chewy treats, too. These sticky, gummy candies can find a permanent spot on your teeth if left untouched for too long. Filled with sugar, chewy treats can adhere to your tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. So, if at all possible, avoid caramels, taffy, and any other gummy goodness this holiday season.

Employ the Use of an Actual Nutcracker

You know those wood statues whose mouths open and close? They’re called nutcrackers, and if you enjoy the taste of a pecan or walnut, it’s best if you let these holiday figures take the brunt of the cracking instead of your teeth. Nuts contain valuable protein that is great for your overall health, but their hard shells should never be broken with your pearly whites. This can lead to broken or cracked teeth that require serious dental work.

Don’t spend your holidays seeing an emergency dentist for something that could be easily avoided. Enjoy the time with your friends and family and keep your teeth and gums in better shape for the upcoming new year.

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