Sweet! 4 Halloween Candy Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy

It’s October! You know what that means—Halloween, trick-or-treating, and lots and lots of candy. Perhaps you’ll go as a vampire or a werewolf, something with fierce, frightening teeth. While you may not mind your teeth looking horrifying for your costume on Halloween night, you probably don’t want a scary smile in the days that follow. Although candy doesn’t directly cause oral problems, harmful bacteria love sugar and use it to wreak havoc in your mouth. By taking care of your teeth through these four Halloween candy tips, you can make sure that your smile will be healthy for many years to come.

Brush and Floss Daily

Brushing and flossing your teeth may seem like small tasks, but they have a huge impact on your oral health. Every day, bacteria in your mouth feeds on particles left behind and forms plaque, a white, sticky substance. Brushing and flossing removes this plaque and prevents it from solidifying and causing cavities. Even if you are tired on Halloween night, take a couple of minutes every day to make sure that your teeth and gums have been properly cleaned.

Avoid Certain Kinds of Candy

Not all candies affect your teeth the same way. Some linger longer in your mouth, endangering your teeth and gums. For example, the sugars in sticky candy like gummy bears or taffy are more stubborn than other types of candy. Try to be picky about what candy you eat, steering clear of the ones that pose a particular threat to your smile.

Drink Lots of Water

Every day, you should be taking sips of water. Not only is water good for your digestion, heart health, and energy levels, but it is also the perfect drink to strengthen your smile. Water has no sugar, and it washes away harmful bacteria and food debris, helping to keep your smile clean. Plus, most public water contains fluoride, a beneficial mineral for tooth enamel. Instead of reaching for a soda, sports drink, or energy drink to quench your thirst, next time try some water!

Visit Your Dentist

Although you can make a significant difference in your oral health through daily hygiene, you also need to see your dentist twice every year for a cleaning and checkup. After all, you may have missed some spots in your brushing and flossing. Once plaque hardens, it can only be removed with a hygienist’s professional help. The dentist also examines your teeth and gums and finds and treats oral problems even while they are in the early stages of development. That way, you don’t have to deal with a painful, more extensive problem in the future.

Halloween is all about having sweet fun, and if you implement these tips into your holiday season, you should be able to enjoy yourself without putting your smile at risk. Through these simple steps, you can keep harmful bacteria from damaging your smile. Now that’s scary!

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