These are the Benefits of Working with the Right Family Dentist!

When it comes to your family’s oral health, you take the responsibility upon yourself to coordinate care. That’s because it’s important to you that everyone enjoys the benefits that come along with having excellent oral health. Since the needs of each member vary, does that mean you need to work with several health professionals to ensure the proper care is received? As you continue reading, you’ll discover how finding the right family dentist is the answer to your concerns!

Why a Family Dentist is Better

When you find the right dentist, you’ll save yourself time, money and priceless energy. That’s because you won’t have to worry about driving around town for different appointments. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that all your family’s oral health history will be centralized. Therefore, your dentist will have all the vital data and information readily on hand whenever it’s needed. Then, by having personal relationships with each member of your family, the dentist can provide the absolute best and most customized care possible.

The Traits to Look for in a Family Dentist

To provide the multifaceted care your family needs, the dentist you work with should embody these characteristics:

  • Patience – The right dentist will possess the patience and temperament necessary to work with patients of all ages.
  • Versatility – The professional should have the ability to provide various forms of care to meet the different needs of your family members.
  • Ambiance – The atmosphere of the dental office should also be conducive to everyone in your family feeling comfortable with visiting.
  • Training –It’s always a good idea to research the prospective dentist’s credentials. You can usually find this information under the dentist’s ‘about’ section on the practice’s website.

How Often Should Your Family Visit?

Once you find the right dentist for your family, to get the most out of the relationship, each member of your family should visit at least semi-annually. This will provide everyone with thorough cleanings and examinations, which decreases the chances of the development of cavities and gum disease. In addition, it allows time for everyone to speak with the dentist and staff members. Thus, the whole family can receive important pointers that will foster improved oral health in the future.

By maintaining these visits, you’ll also be setting a healthy habit for your children to follow and maintain throughout their adult lives. It all starts, though, by reaching out to schedule an initial visit so you can experience the atmosphere, service and attentiveness you’ve been looking for!

About the Author

Dr. Benjamin Naylor earned his dental degree from Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine. His dedication to learning hasn’t wavered, which is why he maintains professional membership with such organizations as the Academy of General Dentistry and the Academy of LDS Dentists. A husband and father, Dr. Naylor understands the importance of family. Therefore, he provides top-notch care for patients of all ages at Mountain Stream Dental, and he can be reached for more information through his website.


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