What Are The Worst Foods For Oral Health?

We all know that eating a healthy diet is beneficial for our overall health. But do you know that there are some foods that can be harmful to your oral health? Listed below are some of them.

  • Sugar

Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Plus, bacteria love to feed on the simple sugars commonly found in soda, cookies, and other sweet treats. It’s best to avoid sugary foods and beverages whenever possible to lower your risk of decay. If you do give in to your sweet tooth, make sure to brush or rinse your teeth afterward to help remove the sugar and neutralize the acids that begin to erode tooth enamel.

  • Acidic foods

Certain types of food are extremely acidic and can have adverse effects on your oral health. These include citrus fruits, tomatoes, mustard, pickles, and vinegar. While these foods might be tasty additions to your diet, they can wear away your tooth enamel over time. When you consume them, you can reduce mouth acid levels by drinking water or chewing sugar-free gum afterward. You can also balance the acids in your mouth with alkaline foods and beverages like soy milk, herbal tea, plain yogurt, green veggies, tofu, brown rice, and nuts. Try eating less of these problematic foods to prevent tooth decay.

  • Sticky foods

There are a variety of foods that are especially sticky and should be avoided because they may damage your teeth or gums. Some of the most common foods that you should avoid include caramel, gummy candy, dried fruits, ice chips, licorice, and peanut brittle. These foods are bad for your dental health because they are high in sugar, which attracts the bacteria that cause cavities. If you eat these foods often, you may suffer from tooth decay and other oral health issues that require treatment.

  • Starchy foods

The term “starchy” is used to describe carbohydrates, which are a type of sugar found in foods such as pasta, potatoes, and bread. These carbohydrate-rich foods break down into sugars in our mouths, which can then lead to cavities and tooth decay. Some starchy foods like potato chips are notoriously hard to eat without getting crumbs stuck in or around your teeth. In addition to increasing the likelihood of developing cavities, these foods are also sticky and can get stuck in between teeth or on your tongue. Teach your children to brush after eating these types of foods to avoid the potential damage these foods can cause!

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