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To address all of these issues, we can use dental restorations known as crowns and bridges. They have been used for generations to mend damaged smiles, and with Dr. Gerald Torgeson , they can do the exact same for you.

What is a Dental Crown?

Model of custom dental crown restoration

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that simply fits on top of your natural tooth. It can be used to fix:

  • Teeth damaged by decay
  • Teeth damaged by injury
  • Teeth that are oddly shaped
  • Teeth that don’t fit in a person’s bite

To get one, it only takes 2 visits to Mountain Stream Dental. At the first one, Dr. Torgeson will remove any damaged portion of your tooth, take an impression, and then send it to a lab to actually fabricate your crown. While this is going on, he’ll fit you with a temporary restoration.

About a week or so later, you’ll return to our office where he’ll place your final crown in your mouth using a small amount of dental cement. He can make any adjustments if necessary, and then your new smile will be ready!

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental lab model of fixed bridge

We can use a dental bridge to replace 1 or more missing teeth in a row. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways we can fill in the gaps in your smile. They work by using the healthy teeth surrounding the gap to support prosthetic teeth that sit on top of the gums, and they only take two visits to get as well.

At the first one, Dr. Torgeson will shape the surrounding teeth so they can fit the supporting dental crowns (known here as abutment crowns). He’ll then take an impression and send it to a lab. When you return, your new bridge will be ready, and he’ll place it into your mouth. However, if you do not have enough healthy teeth to support a bridge, don’t worry, we can also give you one using dental implants.

Complete Your Smile Today!

Smiling man in dental office chair

With consistent brushing, flossing, and routine checkups, both of these restorations can easily last for 10 years or more. Are you ready to have your full smile back? If so, crowns and bridges can give it to you, so simply contact us today for an appointment.