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What are Partials?

Partials, or partial dentures, are tooth replacement prosthetics that can be used to replace numerous missing teeth along an arch. A gum colored base material is molded to fit between remaining healthy teeth. The replacement teeth are anchored to these bases which snap into place connecting to surrounding, healthy tooth structures. Partials are crafted to fit snuggly without rubbing or irritating soft tissue or damaging remaining healthy teeth.

How do Full Dentures work?

Full dentures, like partials, are created by using a gum colored base to support a full row of replacement teeth. Unlike partial dentures, there aren’t surrounding teeth to anchor the denture in place. Instead, the base of full dentures is formed to fit against the gum line. Suction is created between the base material and gums. When dentures are properly formed, this suction is adequate to hold the prosthetic in place. Some patients also use a small amount of dentures adhesive.

How Effective are Dental Implant Supported Dentures?

Dental implant supported prosthetics are available and effective for many patients. Not every patient is a good candidate for dental implants because they do require one or more surgical procedures as well as an extensive time and financial commitment from patients. Dental implants provide the highest level of stability for denture wearers, and they can extend the life of a denture from about seven years to a decade or more. Traditional dentures only restore about 20% of healthy tooth function. Implant supported dentures offer 70% chewing ability. That means patients are able to enjoy a much more varied diet. Dental implant posts replace lost root structure and provide stimulus to maintain jawbone density and gum tissue volume. If you’re healthy enough for dental implant placement, the restoration option can be extremely beneficial in maintaining optimal oral and overall health.

Schedule an Appointment to Find the Right Denture Option for You

Every patient is unique. Your treatment plan at Mountain Stream Dental will be too. During a tooth replacement consultation, we’ll evaluate your smile, discuss your oral and overall health history, review past surgical experiences, and help you determine what type of denture will offer you the best results. You should feel free to ask questions throughout this consultation, and we’ll do our utmost to answer them clearly and help you create a personalized tooth replacement plan you feel completely comfortable with.