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If you’ve ever visited a dental or medical office you didn’t like, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not the actual service you received. Though bad treatment experiences definitely happen, the majority of people report even in practices where they safely and successfully received the necessary dental care they didn’t enjoy visiting the office. The difference between a well-trained dentist and team and patient-centered dentist and team cannot be overemphasized. Both are important, but you should look for an office that provides both effective treatment and a comfortable office. It can be difficult to discern whether or not a dental practice team will offer this level of treatment and service simply by looking at online biographies, but this can often be a good place to begin. You should also consider calling the office to hear how the team members greet you over the phone. This initial interaction can say a lot about what you should expect once you visit the practice. If you feel comfortable after talking to the team member over the phone, you may want to move forward with a consultation appointment or dental checkup. This initial visit will give you an idea what the office looks like and how patients are treated.

Dr. Gerald Torgeson and his dedicated Mountain Stream Dental team have a patient-centered dental care philosophy. Dr. Torgeson has years of advanced training and experience that allows him to offer a wide range of dentistry services safely and effectively. In addition to his experience and skill in offering advanced dental care, Dr. Torgeson is also committed to helping patients learn to enjoy visiting the dentist. As a dental care provider, he believes it’s his job to help every patient find more reasons to smile, and he hopes visiting Mountain Stream Dental can be one the things that patients look forward to year after year. Dr. Torgeson and every member of the team would be happy to tell you more about our treatment philosophy and dental care goals, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Review Available Dental Services

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The vast majority of dental offices provide patients with similar preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services. However, if you know you’ll need a specific treatment, you may want to find a practice that offers that service. For instance, patients with children may want to bring their whole family to the same dental office rather than scheduling more than one appointment at two or more offices. Many practices, including Mountain Stream Dental, post their available dental services online. Our team offers a wide range of basic preventive and restorative dental services. We also offer more advanced periodontal therapy for gum disease sufferers, dental implant supported tooth replacement, cosmetic smile makeovers, and more. We are happy to provide dental care for patients of all ages, so bring the whole family to see us.

Understand dental Insurance & Financing Policies

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Dental insurance and financing can be a real headache for patients. In fact, cost is the number one deterrent that keeps patients from maintaining regular dental appointments. Communication is the key to ensuring you are never surprised by hidden fees or unexpected costs associated with your dental care. Before beginning any treatment, talk to you dentist about what percentage of the dental service is covered by your insurance plan. For more advanced procedures and those not covered by dental insurance, you may also want to discuss financing policies. Don’t avoid visiting the dentist because you’re concerned about hidden costs. Instead, find an office where insurance and financing policies are clearly communicated, so you’re never surprised by unexpected fees. At Mountain Stream Dental, we do our utmost to provide patients with a clear breakdown of their treatment costs, before beginning services. We happily process and file dental insurance claims for the majority of benefit providers. Additionally, we offer in-network dental insurance coverage for patients who have Delta Dental, Cigna, and MetLife insurance policies, and we are working to develop network contracts with additional insurers. If you want to spread the cost of treatment out over several months, don’t hesitate to ask about low and no interest payment plans through CareCredit. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to help you apply for CareCredit financing in the office, or you can complete an application for preapproval from the comfort of home.

Ask About Comfort and Convenience Options

We’ve all been to businesses where the customer service was “lacking” to say the least. When you visit a dental practice, you shouldn’t feel like the team has no idea who you are or what your oral health care needs might be. You also shouldn’t be expected to sit on hard chairs in the waiting area or shiver in a chilly, uncomfortable dental exam room. At Mountain Stream Dental, we chose our name to reflect the relaxed atmosphere we strive for. We create a pain and stress free environment where patients not only feel welcomed and valued by our team; they also feel relaxed and completely comfortable during dental care. We make patient comfort a priority, and if you struggle with dental phobia or anxiety, we’re happy to help. Let us know, and our team will begin by attempting to address your fears, providing gentle treatments and carefully explaining every step of the process and checking in with you throughout the procedure. We understand that the most attentive treatment is not enough to help put patients with severe dental phobia at ease, and we offer a variety of relaxation options including sedation dentistry services.