Oral Extractions in Springfield, OR

The removal of a tooth from its socket is known as a tooth extraction. It can be done either simply or surgically. Your dentist may recommend tooth extractions because of dental trauma caused by injury to the teeth, periodontal ligaments, gums, alveolar bone, and soft tissues like lips and gums; or a tooth that is immensely damaged due to tooth decay or periodontal disease.

Tooth and jaw size can also require tooth extraction procedures. Especially if they are not in their appropriate size, it results in misalignment of teeth. Teeth need to be removed for proper functioning, eating, or biting of the rest of the teeth.

Types of Tooth Extraction Procedures

There are two types of tooth extractions:

  • Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction is done on the tooth situated above the gum line (visible in the mouth). In this procedure, the dentist uses an elevator to loosen the tooth and later removes it with the help of forceps.

  • Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical tooth extraction is performed when the tooth is not properly visible in the mouth and is broken at the gum line. Thus, a dental surgeon makes a tiny cut to extract the wisdom teeth or the broken tooth. It takes quite a long time to remove such teeth.

The Procedure of Tooth Extraction

Regardless of the type of tooth extraction performed, it is done similarly:

  • The dental surgeon begins the tooth extraction procedure by numbing the tooth or surrounding areas with a local anesthetic.
  • Then, the dentist gently enlarges the socket and rocks the tooth back and forth to loosen it from the socket. The tooth is separated very carefully.
  • After the tooth is extracted, the socket needs to be closed to prevent severe infection. So, the dentist cleans the area and adequately puts a gauze to stop bleeding. In the case of surgical extraction, the opened area needs to be stitched appropriately.

The dentist will also instruct you to bite the gauze and replace it after 20 to 30 minutes. It is advisable to use the gauze for 48 hours after the treatment. Compress your face with ice packs in case of facial swelling. Lastly, avoid eating hard or warm food as it can aggravate the pain from the extraction.

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