Sure Smile Ortho Aligners in Springfield, OR

Do you want a beautiful smile without facing any complications from braces? Then, SureSmile Ortho Aligners is the best alternative for you. Let us look into this modern treatment in detail.

What Are SureSmile Ortho Aligners?

SureSmile Ortho Aligners are advanced technology appliances made from a proven material that gives you a customized, comfortable fit from the first to the last treatment appointment with your dentist. They improve the appearance of your teeth by slowly moving them to their proper positions and provide better oral hygiene and a confident and beautiful smile.

Why SureSmile Ortho Aligners?

SureSmile Ortho Aligners are created using advanced software. This ensures that it fits comfortably in your teeth. It also provides better oral hygiene and delivers the sufficient tooth movement required for your ideal smile.

You should consider SureSmile Ortho Aligners also for the following reasons:

Lasts Longer

These aligners are made of clear, durable plastics that enable them to maintain their shape for up to 14 days to deliver optimal tooth movement.

Precise Fabrication

SureSmile Ortho Aligners delivers laser-cut, polished aligners with variable trim lines. It helps in optimal tooth movement and provides comfort to the patients.

Sophisticated Treatment Planning

The software used for creating SureSmile aligners provides customized treatment plans that provide longer-lasting results.

Clinical Expertise

The technology used for creating SureSmile aligners is backed by almost 20 years of digital planning expertise. Every case is examined by the orthodontists appropriately.

How Do SureSmile Ortho Aligners Work?

In SureSmile Ortho Aligners, the force exerted by plastic is channeled by advanced digital planning, resulting in precise tooth movement. Created by your dentist or orthodontists, the aligners provide a comfortable, customized treatment plan that satisfies your needs.

Treatment planning for SureSmile has never been so easy. The orthodontist can easily use the streamlined patient overview and intuitive user interface to engage the straightforward tools and optimize workflow management.

The aligner software is simple, effective, and easy to use. It offers a high level of flexibility in diagnosis and treatment planning and supports improved patient compliance and satisfaction. Thus, you should definitely opt for SureSmile Ortho Aligners because of their efficient and easy way of straightening the teeth.

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