Emergency Dentistry in Springfield, OR

Emergency dentistry is a wing of dentistry that focuses on treating oral condition that requires immediate attention. It helps to avoid further complications that may be irreparable in the future. At Mountain Stream Dentistry, the emergency dentists provide quick treatment and care to patients with the help of modern technologies.

Advantages of Emergency Dentistry

  • Emergency dentistry saves the patient from tooth loss.
  • It helps to reduce the pain caused by the dental condition.
  • The treatment provided by emergency dentists helps to prevent infections in the mouth.
  • Emergency dentistry aids in faster recovery from oral disease.

Signs that you may Need Emergency Dentistry

Several signs and symptoms signify that you may require an emergency dentist, a few of which have been listed down.

Extreme Pain

You may experience extreme pain caused by toothache. It may cause headaches and ear pain which can become unbearable. Immediate care helps to spot the cause and treat it. Dentists also advise the patient to place an ice pack to reduce the pain. They also prescribe medications that can help alleviate the pain.

Soft Tissue Injury

Some accidents tend to cause injury to gums, tongue and inside of cheeks. The dentists rinse the mouth thoroughly and apply pressure on the injury to stop the bleeding. Bite problems lie overbite and underbite may cause soft tissue injury, which can be avoided through appropriate dental treatments.

Gum Bleeding

The gums may bleed continuously due to some dental conditions or accidents. An emergency dentist helps to diagnose the condition and provides treatments that can help stop the bleeding.

Missing or loose Dental restoration

The dental restoration may become loose or lost over a period or due to accidents. Emergency dentists help to fix it for the time being and draft a better treatment plan that can help avoid the condition.

Broken or cracked teeth

The teeth may have chipped or cracked during an accident. The patient can carry the broken tooth to an emergency dentist. They try and fix it through dental procedures like teeth bonding.

Emergency care is the best way to attend to dental accidents. It provides comprehensive care in less period of time.

In Springfield, OR, Mountain Stream Dental is an equipped dentistry that offers the best dental care to patients with efficient dentists. Dial (541) 345-5363 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about Emergency treatments.


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